ALBUM: Thetan / downpour. - split (Cassette)
ALBUM: Thetan / downpour. - split (Cassette)

ALBUM: Thetan / downpour. - split (Cassette)

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1. Coming of Wage
2. Disarm The Swarm
3. Severance
4. The Elegy
5. Expression
6. You're In Your Prime, Kid
7. I Want The Whole Truth

8. To Please The Gods

Two awesome bands, two different styles. Downpour bringing a very fast and abrasive style of Powerviolence and Crust to this split busts out 7 tracks around like 10 minutes. While Thetan brings a very sludgy black metal sound to this split with one song that is 8 minutes long! Both bands rule at what they do, please check this one out, they deserve your attention! -Jacob Rice (RottenYoungEarth)