20 YEARS OF ANTI-CORP!!!!!!!!!

I never imagined when I started this label, at the age of 18, that I would still be doing it today. The entire concept of the "label" was to create a hub for likeminded bands and artists to host their output. I put the term "label" in quotations, because there were no similarities between how Anti-Corp (then known by it's full monicker as Anti-Corporate Music inc.) and other actual record labels functioned. It was literally stacks of boxes of CDs, stickers and fliers crammed into the corner of the foster home bedroom that I was trying to move out of. The first release, which came out in 2001, was an experimental collage of weird soundscapes and samples titled Meka - Crackhead Techno. I had 100 of those CDs made, and probably still have 70 of them in a box somewhere. 2002 brought the Anti-Musical Corporate Compilation, a comp of Tennessee punk bands and noise artists. Over the next few years I put out releases (with the help of some friends, of course) for numerous TN bands, before branching out to regional, then finally international acts.

Since then, Anti-Corp (now known by it's short form name) has released titles for Kool Keith, The Dwarves, Lost Dog Street Band, Death Piggy (Gwar), AxCx, Blowfly, Iskra, Matt Heckler, Thetan and many more.

Here's to 20 more years because I'm too damn stubborn (stupid) to go away!


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