EP: Jason Dea West - Lost Camp Dreams (CD)

EP: Jason Dea West - Lost Camp Dreams (CD)

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In 2006 Jason O’Dea and his teenage punk band Among the Dead were flown to LA by a mysterious record producer named Scott Hackwith, complete with limousine door to door service and the iconic Hollywood experience they recorded a raw punk EP, The band disintegrated shortly there after and that EP has still never seen the light of day.

Fast forward 15 years and you find Scott recently opening a new studio in Solana Beach and Jason Dea West playing his own brand of Western Folk Punk. On a whim Jason drops Scott a line in the winter of 2021 resulting in a 4 day recording session with a few of Jason’s dear friends, Jeshua Marshall, founding member of the infamous Larry and His Flask, Nathan Rivera accordion extraordinaire, Parker Smith of Bowman Hat Co. and Aurelia Cohen of Intuitive Compass help to deck out the Lost Camp Dreams EP.
1. Lost Camp Dreams
2. Salli Valley
3. Let Him Go Free
4. Beauty That Remains
5. Roll Home Lucinda
6. Railroad Ghost